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Calling on the image of the Midwest's vanished inland sea, this collection of essays ponders the writing process and the "landlocked imagination."
Creative nonfiction
Memoir and meditation on writing
"Susan Neville is defining the emerging genre of the new nonfiction. The stories she has to tell in Indiana Winter are tales of great emotion and stunning insight."--Michael Martone
We are a nation of consumers. In this meditation of manufacture, Susan Neville journeys to factories in the heart of the midwest, looking for the sources of things.
Short Fiction
Winner of the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction
"Susan Neville's language shimmers like light coming through colored glass, and her subtle words uncovered the inarticulate longings that burn the hearts of the most ordinary citizens. Susan Neville is one of the finest short story writers in the country." Maura Stanton


What is the whole point of the story "and i hasten to take this opportunity"?

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love that question! I am currently working on a Bicentennial Committee for Vevay, Switzerland County. I can find nothing on the native people of our area that I think would make a interesting event, discussion, presentation...something?... I actually came to ask Susan about her book on the tobacco industry as Switzerland County has had a rich history of tobacco and actually still does. Our celebration is this year with our main events scheduled for Oct 4-13th. We also have 1st Friday events leading up to Oct. Would be interested in any information on either subject. And wondering is Susan ever does book talks? Andrea Kappes

This is an odd discussion mechanism but I will give it a try. I just finished Indiana Winter and enjoyed it greatly. You are one of my favorite writers and Iconography is next on my list. Please keep up the great work!

i thot id cheat and email you here. this library puter disallows your email link. i was wondering if anyone was commemorating the 200th of the battle of Tippecanoe,nov 7, 2011. in which the indians essentially lost the midwest. i wrote most of the shawnee tribes, with no reply. also, there are a number of other midwestern 200ths about now. scott graham,

Thanks for the question! This question refers to an essay in Fabrication. The point is that even things that we give to our children to nourish them have become mass-produced and fabricated to such an extent that they offer no real nourishment or taste and that this partially explains the women's completely cold response to the men they're with--and vice versa. It's part of the culture. It's all fabricated.

Hope this helps.